Marcus M 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2dr Convertible

Camping in a Corvair

The first photo is in current colors - the second photo is the car new in 63 in Columbus, Ohio; with my mom behind the wheel.

My parents bought this Corvair in Dec of 63'. Our family; mom,dad, my older brother, and me, traveled all over country and often "camped" in the car. I remember I would sleep in the well under the rear plastic window of the covertible top or on the rear seat, my brother would sleep on the rear floor - a flat floor as the Corvair had no drive shaft hump on the front or rear floors, my mom would sleep on the front seat, and my dad would sleep on and old Army cot next to the car in a sleeping bag! I ended up getting the car as my first car in the 70's, high school, and occasionally we would fill the front trunk with a keg of beer and ice and drive to the desert parties outside of El Paso TX. I have many memories over the years with this car. I still have the car and occasionally take it out to enjoy evening convertible rides with my young daughters - making more memories for the third generation enjoying this car.

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