brian l 1965 Cadillac Calais 4dr Hardtop Sedan

Cadillac for Clay

Well I hate to say it, but the car isn't the star of this story. It does carry a heavy supporting role though. The star is actually a young man by the name of Clay. Now Clay just happens to be my son so you may understand how the rankings were figured. ... Though if you ever met Clay you'd probably agree. Clay is a tall , handsome , funny, and quite charismatic young man who just so happens to be in a group considered "special needs". Now Clay has had his battles over the years I must say but he has consistently surprised and impressed most folks. He is just that kid that you can't help but like and feel a little happier just being around him. Back when Clay was younger and not quite so big , he loved to ride on the back of my motorcycle. Well now, at over 6 foot tall , and a teenager, it became not so cool to ride on the back of dad's motorcycle. So I figured since he'd always been one of those eat, breathe, and sleep cars kinda kids , it was time to make a move. Ask him about a monster truck and he'll tell you who drives it . It's the same with Nascar. And if there's a car show any where close he wants to go. Getting back to it...Clay is 19 years old. 6 foot 3 and close to 200 pounds. He has some physical delays that will probably never allow him to get a drivers license so we had to come up with an idea. Too big to ride 2 up on a motorcycle so we started looking at cars and found a 1965 Cadillac Calais hard top sedan. Well luckily the guy was open to trades for a Harley and we both liked what the other was bringing to the table and the deal was made. Well it was a little hard to keep the secret from Clay but I managed to keep it under raps until his next day at school when I showed up to pick him up from class in it. He was so excited he ran back in to have his whole class come out to see it. Now I'm not sure if they were as impressed as he was proud , but at that moment ,and still now , in our minds ,we had the coolest caddi on the road

Proud Dad

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