jim c 1966 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Landau Coupe

Actor’s 1966 Thunderbird a star to nephew

Growing up I was always enamored with my uncle Mike (Jay Novello) whom was a character actor from 1940 until the late 70s and was in movies with Elvis, Laurel and Hardy to TV Shows like I love Lucy and the Brady Bunch. I didnt get to see him much but in 1972 when i was 9 years old we went to visit him out in hollywood. He picked all 6 of us up in a 1966 TBird and i was so impressed with him and that car. As the year went on i was able to visit a few more times until he pass on from cancer.

To this day I collect all his movies and memorablia from the movies on ebay and was wondering what ever happened to his car. Then in may of last year i got a email from ebay saying a item of Jay Novellos was just listed. I opened it and its said actors 1966 Tbird for sale..... and sure enough it was his! So i ended up selling my 64 1/2 mustang so i can buy it and had it shipped to me in Chicago. As soon as i got it i drove it to my parents and we all went for a ride like it was 1972 again!


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    Terry levin V hills July 13, 2014 at 12:23
    Great story Jim C
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    Kevin Lynch Illinois July 14, 2014 at 23:32
    How cool. Love the history & emotional ties to a classic auto.

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