joe j 1926 Ford Model T 2dr Coupe

the car that wouldn't start

The car that wouldn't start, was actually the car we used for our wedding car. It was a 1926 model T. Our wedding was August 22nd 1981, after the church wedding, people were lined up awaiting for us to exit the church and congratulate us, throw rice, ect. The wedding party cars were right in front of the church, and my best man was driving the T. My wife and I got in it and it didn't even turn over. So my best man told the grooms men to push it while he tried to get it to run. Well it was a hot day and the 4 groomsmen had to run pretty fast to get it to fire up. Needless to say, that was quite the story at the reception. Our photographer did get a good picture of them pushing it, That is a good memory from 33 years ago. Joe and Donna Jensen Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

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