Nancy T 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 4dr Sedan


My late husband Dr. Alexander has always been a car buff.

So we went car hunting and I remember the first time that I sat in a Rolls Royce.

He said that he was going to get one. I just put it in the back of my mind.

Then one day he asked me to take a ride with him to New York.

And was I ever "SURPRISED!!!!!" to see why we were going to New York.

We went to pick up his Silver Shadow Rolls Royce with a Right hand steering.

It was one of the most exciting times ever, to be in New York and to be riding in a Silver Rolls Royce with a Sun Roof.

Then we rode to my sister's home in New York to visit her. She and everyone in the neighborhood came out to see the car.

As we drove back to Connecticut, all the way home we were getting hi fives and hello's.

It was an exciting day and a most happy one especially for my Husband and I.

I will always remember that fun filled and beautiful day in memory of my Husband.

Our Wedding Anniversary was 7/11.

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