Ken R 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury 2dr Hardtop Coupe

What goes around, comes around

Back in 1972 while working in a gas station, I spied and eventually traded for a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury " Golden Commando". It was Black, painted over the original Copper color. I spent many nights in the cold, mud, heat, and rain working on it to make it the best I could. My girlfriend at the time loved sitting on the console while we cruised the local hangouts. There were lots of times when an acceleration test between me and local Chevy's and Ford's would take place, with the 383 cu in./ 4 speed Plymouth showing who was boss that night. After meeting and marrying, the Plymouth had to go, as a family was started. My wife knew that this was something I may never get over, and as the years passed, she encouraged me to get an "old" car, not knowing that there was really only one that had my heart. After several years of casually looking on E-Bay and other sites, I was shocked to see a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury "Golden Commando", copper in color, but with the same motor, transmission, interior, like my first car. I spent several nights wondering if this car was worth what was being asked for it, how I would pay for it, how I would get it to my home, if the people were representing it accurately, and all the negative things I could think of. Around every corner, things started working out, and after about a month, it was sitting in my driveway. I sit and remember the good times I had as a young fellow, but now I can make new memories as my son loves the car, my new granddaughter says" Poppy's car", and as I get ready to retire, this car will help me return, to a degree, back to a time when a timing light, and a dwell meter that have gathered dust for over 25 years, was all you needed to make a car sound and run good, and "tinkering" was what guys did for fun.

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