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Back in 1976 I bought a 1966 Triumph Spitfire. Not sure if the year is correct concerning the car. Anyhow, I was in my junior year in college and this Spitfire was sitting in a used car lot for $250. I only owned a motorcycle at the time so this car looked pretty good. I was working in the college cafeteria as a short order cook and had just enough money to buy the car. I drove the car 2 miles back to my dorm room and immediately had issues with the car. Apparently the dealership had thought that the car was a positive grounded car, which it wasn't, so I first had to sort that out. Remember, no Google back then, no Chilton manuals. So I thought I got things sorted out and decided to drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike home to show my parents the car. The car only had a ten gallon gas tank and since I wasn't sure what my gas mileage might be I decided to get off in Breezewood to fill her up. As I applied the brakes going down the exit ramp I heard a "zzzzzzzzzzz" sound and then a metallic sound. I then saw the wirewheel's locking nut pass me going faster down the exit ramp! Fortunately the wheel stayed on and I hammered the nut back on the wheel splines but I drove much more carefully the rest of the trip. Turns out those splines are stamped for Left and Right sides and the previous owner didn't know that. Ahhh, what great memories.

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