Donnie G M 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible

This one little Pony started it all.

These notes were written in December, 2007 by Donnie G. McInnis

Donnie G. McInnis

5038 County Road 156

Enterprise, Alabama 36330


What you are about to read is a very true story and it has been with me for forty-three years.

I graduated from Enterprise (Alabama) High School in 1961. My father was born September 3, 1911. He was ninety-two when he passed away in 2005. As a young boy and as early as I can remember, my father and I made it our “tradition” to visit all the Enterprise car dealers showrooms in September of every year to preview, look at, criticize and dream about the new cars that were being presented. All the car dealers took a huge interest in showing off their new cars every September, and it was a very big thing. It brought families together, and the salesmen and dealers were more interested in entertaining you rather than just getting your money. There were free hot dogs, cokes, and music and the new models were covered with a bed sheet or canvas and it was exciting to be there to see that cover pulled off, usually about 4 P.M. on a Friday. After High School, I got married , went to College , became a father and inherited many responsibilities. My dad and I still continued our tradition every year when the new models came out. By 1964 a new wind was blowing. Now the new cars were not just cookie cutter cars . These cars were drag race ready right off the show room floor and could give you more horsepower than it had cubic inches. There were cars that were made to satisfy anyone. My world was about to change. When the New Mustang was unveiled in my home town at the local Ford Dealer, my dad and I made it a point to be there. When that 1964 skyline blue (baby blue) V8 convertible was unwrapped I immediately became a Mustang fanatic. I loved everything about it. For me, there was nothing in the nay column. My dad’s only comment was “It ain’t got no trunk but I’d still love to drive that thing.” Obviously, many other folks felt the same way as Mustang history has proved.

I am 64 years old now and I have owned, shown, and enjoyed Mustangs for many years. Through all those years I have always had a Mustang but for me there has always been a missing Mustang. The 1964 ½ Skyline Blue, D code 289 V8 Convertible was missing.

A few years ago I was able to track down and obtain this missing link in my past. It is a true matching number documented original baby blue full option 1964 ½ Mustang Convertible. To date, it has been featured twice in Mustang Monthly Magazine for originality and is a consistent show winner anywhere. It is a beautiful work of art and is super dependable transportation that just cannot be found in today’s car showrooms. This Mustang continues to live in my grandchildren, age 9 and 10. They know the history, the legacy, the strength , and all about the Mustang explosion. I mean, hey, it’s a 64 ½ . This is the one that started it all.


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