Steven S 1972 Maverick Grabber

The ride I didn't take

The ride I didn't take. As a young boy with older brothers of course I wanted to be like them and do everything they did. My father had a campground back in the late sixties early seventies and we lived close to York US thirty Dragway. So naturally muscle cars were every where. I was say about 10 and all us kids hung out at the campground office. It was right along the road. There were Mustangs Camaros GTO's and all the other badass cars. But there was one car that I thought was really special even at 10 years old. A red 66 289 Shelby Cobra. The owner lived close and was known to drive really fast. Now. You know how fathers are. Don't you get in that car! My brothers being 15 and 16 at the time were a little braver than there little brother. They both rode in the car and lived to tell about it. That's why I'm writing about the ride I didn't take. Oh if only a fellow could go back! The fellow that had that Cobra traded it for a 70 Boss 302. I remember he also had one of the first Honda CB 750's we all sat around looking at that motorcycle saying wow that thing as four cylinders! So concludes my story. I'm so glad that I got to grow up in the muscle car era even though I was a young boy at the height of it all.

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