Al H Shelby 427 Cobra

The one I missed

Around 1968 a local owner of a real Shelby Cobra (and a 427 Vette and Buick Riviera) put the Cobra up for sale. He had given me a ride previously and I was totally in awe of the car. Blood red with black interior, real magnesium wheels, it was as everyone knows, the fastest production car made. We discussed price and I concluded that although a stretch, I could do it. To encourage the sale, the owner suggested I take the car for a day and drive it.

It was a glorious day, even though lightly raining. No high-speed runs! So I drove it around my hometown (Corning, NY). While cruising, we were approached by a gent in a brand new, bright red AMX, a very hot car at the time. As we passed the AMX driver did a neck-snapping head swivel to stare and smashed the cigarette in his mouth against his side window exactly like the old TV commercials for a certain brand of smokes advertised as "a millimeter longer".

I was in love! My credit union declaring the Cobra a "Ford" allowed they would finance it without problem, my insurance company allowed the same, "it's just a Ford".

I was working in my first full-time job out of college. Still living at home. My dad drove an MGB, obviously the Cobra was going to be a bit of a problem and I was going to have to move out seeing as how I could afford a much more costly ride than my father.

At the end of the day, I decided I could not afford the Cobra AND rent an apartment. I sadly passed on the sale.

The punch line, it was a real Shelby 427 Cobra. I put the 5000th mile on it during the day I drove it. The asking price...........$5800 !!!!!!!!

Some nights I still cry myself to sleep.

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