Gary M 1957 Cadillac ElDorado Biaritz Convertable

The Surprise Day of my Life!

I was a senoir in high school and a checker in a local supermarket. I had a customer who was a gambler. He came in one day and I asked him if he had seen the new Cadillac ElDorado Biaritz convertable in Frank Kent's window, our local Cadillac dealer. To my delight and utter surprise, a couple of days later he showed up at my work and handed me the keys to that beauriful Cadillac.He had bought it! He let me have the car to drive to school the next day! I parked in the teacher's parking lot, right behind the band leader's Packard. No one would dare day a thing! Although at the time it was a new car, it was already a classic and I have dreamed of owning one ever since. I was on a cloud that day and for a few after. I have a couple of classics, a 69 Rolls and a 65 Lincoln convertable but I never got to own my dream car. Now they're monitarily, out of sight, but I'm still dreaming!

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