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The One I Caught !

Summer of 1975 in my 69 Dodge Coronet RT 440 6 Pack. I pulled up to the traffic light on the circuit loop we kids ran back then and saw two girls in a Pinto. I yelled through the open passenger window. I yelled to the driver, hey would your friend like to go for a ride with me. 4 years later we married and it's now 34 plus years of marriage. The 69 Coronet was sold due the miles driven to see my then girlfriend 20 miles away. The long miles were draining the life out of the oil pump, the pressure was dropping. As many of us and our stories if I only knew then what I know now ! I could not see blowing the motor and had a good friend who was very interested. I bought it in 1973 for 1,300 and sold it in 1977 for 1,500.

Fast forward to 2011 December 19th. I was looking for a replacement of one of my loves, the coronet. I had been looking for awhile. One evening while on Ebay I found a 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Clone. I called the seller the next day in West Virgina, Debbie. I asked her about the roadrunner and relayed my story ABOVE ! She told me she was selling due to the loss of her loved one, her husband. It has been covered in her garage since may when he passed and has seen daylight since. She said they bought the Satelllite a few years ago and began the transformation to a cloned roadrunner Gone was the 318 in fresh rebuilt 440, gone the column automatic in a 4 speed on floor. Gone 1968 paint now 1970 Turquoise. Gone the bucket seats, HER DEMAND OR SHE WOULD NOT RIDE IN IT in re-upholstered velour & turquoise piped bench seat so she could sit next to him. I told her if I was winning bidder I would care for it just as much as they did, as as much as I did my 69 Coronet. I have a space waiting in my garage for it. My 21 year old nephew and I left NE Pa and headed for Ridgley W. Va. We pulled around the blind corner to the Fire Co. and my jaw dropped,she was beautiful. I asked her nephew who helped her list the car why she wasn't there. He said when they uncovered the plymouth, he started it up, backed it out of the garage she was on her knees crying. He stated it was their free time together thing. Going to swap meets for parts every year they had a project on the car. This year was the bright work, chrome aluminum, stainless. This her nephew said on top of her losing her husband in march was the 5th anniversary year of their only son's death. She could not bear another loss and seeing the roadrunner being trailered away, he said she could stand to see. I have been in touch with Debbie many times, giving her the updates on the roadrunner as to what I have been doing with the car. Taking THEIR bench seat and having the back seat upholstered the same as their front seat, velour & turquoise piping. New door handles, new mirrors on both sides, new door sill plates. LED lights where ever they could be fitted. This year soon to install a 6 speed manual for cruising.


Pete Grazer

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