Terry K

The Flying Riviera, my favorite car

Coming home from Christmas to Shelby, Montana, while driving on a country road, with snow blown fields on each side, the Riviera crested a hill and just before going down into a gully that was about 500 feet across, there was a two and a half foot high wall of snow in front of us where the snow plows had stopped plowing! The Riviera hit that wall of snow doing about 45 mph, and went airborne, and it felt like we were hanging in mid air, and then landed on over 5 feet of snow! I crawled out of the window, and had to walk to town to get a tow truck to come to the other side of the gully to drag the Riviera out, undamaged!

The story doesn't stop there. About 2 months ago, while inspecting another classic car for a finance company, I was talking to the gentleman who restores classic cars, and told him about my Riviera. He mentioned he knew someone who had a 1966 Riviera for sale and asked that I write my number down. About 2 weeks later he called and the rest is history.

The first picture is of our new 1966 Riviera and the second 2 photos are of my old 1966 Riviera.

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    Chris Idaho July 12, 2014 at 22:11
    Sharp looking car.
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    Steve Twin Falls July 15, 2014 at 16:17
    This is a great car! Very sharp, very clean.

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