Kieth S

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

While I was in VietNam, I went to Australia for R & R. I saw my very first 67' Camaro there and knew I wanted that car. I took pictures, saved all my money and when I returned home, I bought a 67' RS Camaro. It had a black vinyl top, root beer brown and a 4 on the floor. I'm from a small town, so when I went home on the weekend, that Camaro caught the eye of my now wife of 45 years. We met and dated a few months. On Christmas Eve, we went to the drive-in and I proposed to her in that car. She said yes and we were married six months later. She fell in love with the car and I fell in love with her!! Since that first Camaro, we've had two more. We had a 68' and made the mistake of selling it. About 30 years ago we purchased our third Camaro, a 68'. We will always have a first generation Camaro and each other.

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