Ashford M 1962 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Convertible

That Red Rag-Top (Final)

In January of 1968 I was 20 living in North Carolina and looking for a car. My sister told me about their neighbor who was a Major in the Military and was being deployed to Vietnam in a couple of weeks. I fell in love with that Car! It was beautiful. A red 1962 Chevrolet Impala convertible, 17,000 miles. I bought it for $500.00. I entered the Military later that same year and my Dad took care of the Chevy while I was overseas. I returned to the States in 1970 and I drove the Chevy to my duty station in Florida. It left me stranded on Interstate 10 outside of Pensacola, Florida. (Blown radiator Hose) I had taken my girlfriend back to college. I flagged down an 18 wheeler. I went to a party at Panama City Beach, Florida. I parked too far in the sand. The next day we had to dig that Chevy out and have it towed. I left Florida with only my Chevy and put it in the shed at home while I attended college on the GI bill. I kept the Chevy many years. In 1987 during the darkest days of my life I let it slip away. I made a terrible mistake! I always wondered what ever happen to my Chevy. I made several attempts to locate it with no luck. About three years ago with the help of a friend and the (Vin#) that had been stored in some old papers of my Dad's who had passed-away in 1980, I found the location of the Chevy. Pennsylvania! I had a phone number. On a Wednesday Night about Nine P.M. very Nervously I called the Number. A Lady answered the Phone. I begged her not to hang -up until she gave me the opportunity to explain the reason that I had called. I told her the entire Story of the Car and how desperately I had tried to find it. She then wanted to know why I had chose to call on that Particular Night. I told her I have just got the information earlier that same Day. She asked me several questions about the car Where I got it, how long I owned it, who I sold it to. I told the lady three different people had purchased the Chevy. The last one an elderly man and he did not have any information on who bought the Chevy from him. I had reached the end of the trail. She the said that the Chevy was in the garage and it belonged to her Brother-In-Law, "who Passed-Away the Night before. His wife was at the Funeral Home and she would have her sister call me later. I was so Devastated! The Gentleman's Wife called a Couple of Weeks later. She told me Her Husband bought the Chevy in 1987 from an elderly Man. She told me her Husband was a retired Police Officer and had Died at age 65. I told her I was also 65 and a retired Parole officer. She further said that it would have been wonderful if I had only called a few Days earlier. Her husband always wanted to know where the car originally came from. She said her husband was proud of that Red-Rag-Top and they enjoyed going Cruising. We talked for a long while and are now good friends! We have shared pictures of the Chevy and it's still beautiful! I'm very happy because I'm first on the list if she decides to sell that Red-Rag-Top. Ashford

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    Whit Albemarle July 14, 2014 at 21:50
    I really enjoyed your story. It is a really good looking car as well.
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    S.J. Albemarle July 17, 2014 at 13:14
    What a wonderful story! It's amazing you were able to track it down and gain a great friendship!
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    Rod Almond Albemarle, NC July 17, 2014 at 12:23
    What a great story! Who among us with any age on us has not wondered what happened to our first car?

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