Barbara C 1970 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Still Making Memories

Twenty-five years ago this past May, my son's girlfriend, Sherry, and I were celebrating birthdays one day apart. Her birthday was May 1st and mine was May 2nd. My husband cleaned and polished his '70 ,metallic-green, T-top Corvette and told me to call Sherry and the two of us should take the Corvette and go out for lunch. So, I did. She accepted and we went to my favorite restaurant at the the time, called Friendly's. We ordered lunch and while we were eating I noticed that Sherry wasn't eating her food. I was worried that she didn't like what she ordered. She confided in me that she had eaten earlier and wasn't that hungry. I thought that was odd but thought maybe she felt nervous going to lunch with her boyfriend's mother. We visited for a time and then I paid the bill and we started back to the house. When we got near the house I could see what seemed like hundreds of people on our lawn and around our house which sits on a corner lot. I thought the house must have gotten on fire and all these people had come to watch. When I drove nearer they cleared a path for me to get into the driveway. I started looking at the faces. These were people I knew but they didn't all live near me. They shouted SURPRISE! It was a belated 50th birthday party for me. It was a great party put on by my husband with the help of our neighbors. Sherry went on to marry my son. They gave us two beautiful grandchildren. Josh is a student at the University of Michigan and Kayla is a graduate of the University of Michigan and soon to be the bride of Mitch and we still have our '70 Corvette along with six more grandchildren,Thomas, Jessica, Jennifer, David, Chelsea and Audrey.

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