John T

She Thought We'd Freeze!

Early in our dating life, my wife and I went to Half Moon Bay, CA for dinner in my MGA. Anyone who knows the area is aware that it gets very foggy and very cold, especially in the early evening. I arrived to pick up my date with the top down, and of course, we motored all the way to Half Moon Bay that way. When we arrived at the Moonraker Restaurant the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and watched the sun go down over the Pacific ocean. As we got into the Little British Car to leave, my date says "you ARE going to put the top up aren't you?". "What top?" I said. "It doesn't have a top". It was cold. The fog had rolled in, the wind was blowing, and even a die-hard like me would have put the top up. But I continued with the ruse, giving her a "little plaid wool blanket" to wrap up in, telling her that this is how the British do it! I started the car, and we made it to the exit from the parking lot before I confessed that indeed it did have a top, and that I was only kidding! She passed the test! I didn't get an argument, only a little disappointment that we would have to drive home in the freezing weather. Needless to say, she was grateful even for the crude convertible top and side curtains of the old MG. Imagine her delight when the heater started putting out some warm air! She didn't freeze after all. It's been 23 years, and she still hasn't complained about my old car habit.

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