David B 1956 Mercury Montclair 2dr Convertible


The year was 1959 and I was a senior at Allen Park High School. My parents owned a small grocery store in Allen Park, Michigan and one of my jobs after school was to go directly to the store where my Mother had put together numerous orders that were phoned into the store. My job was to make the deliveries and collect the money. Many times my tip would be the returnable bottles that were given to me. My Dad had purchased the 1956 Mercury convertible for me during the previous winter.

I had seen the Mercury for sale at a used car lot while riding around with some friends and I knew the 53 Ford I was driving was on it's last leg. I convinced my Dad that the Merc. was in good condition and would be a good replacement. When I picked up the car with some of my friends, it was winter and very cold, but I did the usual teen age thing, I put the top down, the windows up and the heater on full blast, we were very cool.

At that time, guys were naming their cars. My favorite Rock and Roll artist was Duane Eddy and he had a song named "Rebel Walk", so it seem appropriate to use that name on my car. See the attached photo.

Some funny memories: it was Halloween and I was riding around with my good friend Ron who had carved out a pumpkin with the opening in the bottom, he put the pumpkin on his head, Ron was a smoker, so now the pumpkin was smoking. We received a lot of stares and l finger pointing because we had the top down and he could be seen from all around. Hanging out at the A&W drive-in with good friends. Friday or Saturday at the drive-in theater with my girl friend. Sometime going to the drive-in theater with my friends, some of them in the trunk to avoid paying for tickets. Cruising around in the evening with friends, everyone chipping in .15 cent, 25 cents or what ever change they might have to pay for the gas which was about .18 cents a gallon. In the winter we usually drove out Edward Hines Drive toward Northville to go tobogganing. On time on our way home we slid off the road and partway down a hill. We had 6 guys in the car and the toboggan hanging out the back of the trunk. With 5 guts pushing and myself driving, we made it back to the road with no damage to the car. Those were the good old days.

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