Mike D 1975 Ford Bronco 4x4 V8 302

My love turns into sons love and passion

Back in 1983 I fell in love with a 1973 ford bronco and I traded my 72 Ford pick up for it. It was a great and fun vehicle to have and I was young and me and my wife are just getting married however a few years later a child came and it was too small for us I kept it for another year or so but then had to sell it to make room for a bigger vehicle. About 16 years later One day we were going through some old photos and my son saw the picture of my old Bronco and it was love at first sight and he knew I wanted another one and quickly got on eBay and searched and searched and wouldn't you know he found me one . She came from Kansas and was the color red when she came to us a somewhat beautiful at the time 75 Bronco with a 302 automatic we decided on the color blue and then worked on it to get it restored some of the work we did ourselves and other work was done by a friends custom bodyshop she is still a project in the works and are currently getting ready to put the motor which was rebuilt and transmission back in. However that's not the end of the story he has such a passion for them he sold his dirt bike and used the money to buy himself a 71 bronco which is currently in parts . It is to be our next project as soon as mine is completed he still has the fire in him and the love for it so we must continue on. We belong to a local bronco club and have been around the country looking at them everywhere he sees them he takes photos I believe it's a great hobby that we share . I guess I will end this with to be continued more photos to follow. Lol

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