Doyle S 1957 Ford Custom 300 2dr Sedan

My first car.


I was 14 years old when I really got interested in owning my own car. My father had a friend he worked with from time to time on the side. He owned a 1957 custom 300 and it ran like a top. It was gray and white. Being a bama fan, I imagined it would be much more appealing if it were red and white. I really liked the car, nothing fancy with high fins like the fairlane but most everything else was the same, 312 cuin, auto, I really liked the way the hood came up, it was different.

I was almost 16 when my father made a deal so I could buy the car, believe me running errands and cutting grass, it takes awhile to buy a car, but I did and appreciated more by earning it.

When I turned 17 someone ran a red light and insurance said it was totaled, I disagreed and purchased the vehicle again from the insurance company and begin looking for parts. Insurance company totaled the car because parts were scarce, they were but I found all that was needed. I drove a 1962 six cylinder falcon while working on my car (was taking mechanics in vocational school), I sure missed my V8.

Finished my car, painted it red and white, redone interior in red and white ( most interiors for Ford the year were green, blue, gray) and clean engine area. It was a nice car!

If you check your records you will see that I still own this car and you insure it. Since years had passed, I owned my own body shop and among other newer vehicles we also restored older ones. I completed restored my 1957, body off, painted base coat clear coat colonial white and flame red. Funny, I could find all parts needed for restoration after I went into business.

I enjoy my car and I'm proud to say I have the first car I ever owned. When I go to cruise ins people also enjoy looking at my car.

I guess that's my story but win or lose, I still have the car I dreamed about when I was 14 years old.


My son has the first car he ever owned too, 1972 Mach 1 mustang. He plans n keeping it forever also.



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