Claudia B

My First Car

I needed a car in 1978 and a friend was selling his 1975 yellow Camaro. I looked it over, liked it and bought it for $3,000. Little did I know that I would love that car for over thirty years!! I found out it did look better than it actually was and that the quarter panels were badly rotted. I could have traded it in for a new car and I almost did, but I just could not let my beloved Camaro go. So in 1987 I had the car totally restored. I made it a lovely blue color (I had never really liked the yellow color and the white seats) with a tweed pattern for the inside seat material and a dark, charcoal grey for the outside color. It was just beautiful!! It was my daily driver and my baby and I just loved her!!

I put a lot of money in keeping this car in good shape over the years and finally I was able to garage my car for the whole winter which was a blessing. But in 2005, due to two severe back conditions I had to go on disability. My income was not what it used to be and I did not have any extra money left to care for my beloved car. It was starting to rust in spots again but I did not have the funds to repair her for the first time in my life.

So in 2010 I made the terribly, difficult decision to sell her or trade her in. It took me 5 years to get to that point but I loved her too much to watch her deteriorate in front of my eyes. So in August of 2010 I said goodbye to my beloved 1975 Camaro. I will never stop missing this car, but I wanted someone else to love her as much as I did who would be able to keep her in wonderful shape.

I still wonder almost four years later where my baby is and if she still is OK and being loved by someone else. I can only hope so. But I will never forget the wonderful times and memories I had made with my first and beloved 1975 Camaro. I know to collectors a 1975 Camaro was really one of the worst Camaros ever built, but to me this was my dream car and I will never forget it.

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