Eric M 1964 GTO

My Dad, his GTO and me

Back in 1964 when I was at the age of 8, cars were amazing back then. My Dad one Friday afternoon drove up in brand new turquoise GTO. It was beautiful, I'd never seen or heard anything like it. I can remember for some reason Mom was not as excited as DaD and I was. That day we cruised the town, people kept asking Dad about the car and looking our way. Running low on fuel we stopped in a Sinclair gas station. The man that filled up our car with gas preceded to tell dad his story how he helped build these cars in Detroit and could've possibly help build his. He built the chassis of these cars and he said that everyone that he proceeded to build he would put a white Capitol A on the differential of the car. He said his name was Albert. So we jumped out of the car and all three of us ran around to the back of the car. We all got on our knees and looked under the car, and there it was big is the Sun a letter A on the differential of the car. For years he helped us maintain the car, and we always stopped at that one gas station. We stopped there a lot, that little Hot Rod drank the gas. LOL

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