Robert M 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle 2dr Sedan

My 2nd car in the mid 50's

My first car was a ratty 32 Ford but my 2nd was a rather nice 33 Chevrolet. We had a traffic copter cop named Lt Mehring so on the canvas top of my car I wrote "HOUDY LT MEHRING" and he would talk about it most every morning on my way to Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. I filled it with friends who chipped in gas money.

One night I was picked up because I had to many people in and on the my car. The cop followed me home so he could tell my dad , who was sleeping, and I couldn't drive it till it passed the safety lane. I couldn't get the break light to work so I rigged a switch that I could flip when I hit the break. The Norwood lane was much easier than the Cincinnati lane so I passed and was able to drive it again, it only took me a week to get it ready. The 33 had hydrochloric breaks while Ford didn't have the till 39 ( I think but not sure) but the 32 had a Flatheads V8 that Chevrolet didn't have till much later. Chevrolet tried a V8 early on but it didn't sell because folks thought that the piston would ovel out the cylinders by not being up and down. I wish I would have kept it.

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