Boyd Z 1966 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Hardtop Town Coupe

Mom and her t-bird

Mom loved her tbird. The car hasn't been rained on in 48 years. I used to listen to her talk to dad and tell him, I am going to the store, looks like it might rain so.......give me your keys ! I begged her for the car when I was younger and she told me, when you get a garage, I will give you the car. I asked, what about a car cover? No. First house, car port, no. Moved into my first 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 garage home. Was in about a week and one morning a knock on the door. Oh hey mom come on in, she had her hand held in a fist out in front of her, she stated, hold out your hand, I did and she dropped a set of t-bird keys in my hand. I looked out in the drive way and there she was. Wow.

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