Constantine F 1979 Mazda RX-7 GS 2dr Coupe

Loves of my Life!!

It was 1978 and Mazda was starting to offer its long awaited RX7 . I was just out of school and had my first job so when I saw one I just had to have it. I was able to secure financing from my Grandmother. (God rest her soul) She made my dream a reallity . I went to the local mazda dealership and put a down payment on a new 4 speed. The demand was so great and the supply so small that I had to wait three months for delivery and I could not choose the color. When the day of arrival finally came I was giddy with anticipation. The dealer brought us into the basement storage area and there it was a beautiful reddish orange shinny mazda. I felt on top of the world driving that car around and turning heads. One day I was crusing with my best friend and we came about a few girls at a red light. It was love at first sight again! My friend asked them if they wanted to meet for lunch at a local mall. They accepted and the rest is History. I married that girl and my friend was my best man. I am still married to her and I still own the car we meet in.

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