Linda M 1961 Metropolitan 1500 Series IV 2dr Convertible

Learning to Drive a Stick Shift

I have owned my little Nash Metropolitan convertible for many years. Her name, and license plate, is "Tiny Me". When my son was a teenager and first got his driver's license, my husband felt he needed to learn to drive a car with a clutch and a stick shift.

Every Tuesday night during the summer, in our rural farm town, the Big Boy restaurant would have a car show and DJ in their parking lot to attract customers. So the guys went several weeks in a row and my husband let my son drive the Met. It has a lightweight clutch and "three on the tree". I was worried and nervous - but he did very well and mastered it quickly.

My son is now 30 years old, a heavy equipment mechanic, and has a CDL to drive all types of trucks and semis. But we always like to tell the story of how it all started with the little Metropolitan!

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    David Dick Houston TX July 17, 2014 at 17:43
    I've got a little '61 Metropolitan also. It's fun to take it out and just park it where a lot of people will be walking by. Many people have never seen a Met and have no idea what it is. I been asked if that is one of those "cartoon cars" or if it is the car that floats. Neither of those, but it's just a car that makes people happy.

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