How a New York State Trooper Made Our day

Words alone also cannot describe the experience we had while driving to

Columbus, Ohio in our 1966 Impala involving a very keen New York State Trooper.

We left Toronto on Thursday for Columbus and during a stop on the New

York Thruway we noticed the registration and insurance slip for the car was missing.

We had stopped earlier for gas and either dropped it there or at the border.

Now I have great faith in human nature and I assured my wife if someone

found it they would mail it back to us. We decided not to let this ruin our

fourth trip to Columbus GoodGuys and we jumped back in the Impala and blasted off.

We had to be back for work early Monday so unfortunately we left Columbus

early Sunday morning, we usually stay for the awards show.

As we crossed the PA state line I noticed a New York State Trooper just west of the toll

booths for the thruway and he started following us just passed the booths

when he motioned for us to pullover.

(Big gulp because I had just been cruising about 75mph)

The Trooper comes up and asks how we are today. I said fine, how are you.

He then asks .."did you go through on Thursday?.." (I think... was I

speeding then and he didn't catch me).....I answer..."yes".....he asks if we

lost our registration.

Well you could have knocked me over.........he said he had the registration

at headquarters and they would mail it to me on Monday.

We exchange pleasantries and said goodby.

Well this isn't over.............about ten minutes later (again at 75mph)

I see another trooper and as I pass him, he comes out and soon motions

for us to pull over. It's the same trooper and he says that if I follow him to

the office (about 15miles) he'll give us the registration..........we had

an escort now at 75 mph.

We arrive at the trooper's station and he soon comes out with the registration

What a surprise and again my faith in human nature is rewarded.

As it turns out this particular New York State Trooper is another gearhead

and has a '70 Orange Road Runner 440 (beep beep).

He said he saw our yellow '66 go through Thursday before the bulletin

on the lost registration and he recognized us again Sunday afternoon.

We all know the empty feeling when important papers go missing, but

the elation experienced when that trooper asked if we lost our registration

and the realization of its return will last a long long time.

Thank you to the person that turned the registration into the service

center, the service center (Angola) that gave it to the police and the New York State Trooper

that made our day.

We love New York.

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