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How I came to own my classic Chevy

Why did I choose the classic that I now own? The answer is that I didn’t, it pretty much chose me. It’s kind of a long story but basically back in the late 60’s and early 70’s I had built and owned a number of cars that ranged in years from the late 30’s to the tri five Chevy era but I always wanted an early 30’s coupe. Growing up I can remember always being a car nut. My best friend and I were driving trucks and cars around the farm from the time we were big enough to see over the wheel. There was a local hot rod club in the area called the Mill Rockers and we used to marvel at the hot rods that those guys built and that’s what really lit the fire. One of the local farmers had a 1927 phone booth “T” sitting in back of his house and somehow my friend managed to talk him out of it for the princely sum of $25.00. We were only 14 at the time but by the time we got our license he had the car pretty well ready to go. It was powered by a 392 Hemi and needless to say it was a fun car to drive. I had a pretty hot 55 Chevy at the time but I wanted something closer to the style of that “T”. There was a guy from upper Massachusetts who advertised in Hemmings that he had what he claimed to be a couple of “Nice Clean” early Fords. One was a 31 five window and the other a 32. I had gotten a job at a local factory about a year earlier and managed to save a pretty chunk of change so I grabbed a buddy and off we went, cash in pocket to Mass. Those “nice clean” cars turned out to be one step above disaster so it turned out to be a nice long ride for nothing. On the way home while coming into a neighboring town out of the corner of my eye I saw an old coupe going by the other way with a for sale sign in the back window. I yelled for my buddy to turn around because I “Just saw an old FORD go by that was for sale”. We spun around and went back just in time to see the car pulling into one of the bays of a Shell gas station. I jumped out and ran in just as the owner was getting out of the coupe and yelled” How much do you want for the Ford? Ford ? he said …....That’s not a Ford, It’s a 1932 Chevy. Now at the time I wasn’t much of a connoisseur of old cars ,I just knew that I liked the way they looked but my family always owned Chevys and hearing that this was one of them really got my attention. Now what are the odds? ….Here I was with a pocket full of cash returning home from a failed trip to purchase an old coupe and this one pops up out of nowhere only 15 miles from home and it’s a Chevy to boot. It was just meant to be. It turns out that the owner’s grandfather bought the car and drove it for a number of years and then stored it. When the grandson got out of the army he decided he wanted to become an auto mechanic and got a job at the local gas station to learn the trade. His grandfather gave him the car to play around with but once he got it running and driving he lost interest in it and decided to sell it. All happened in 1972 and I’ve owned the car ever since. A lot of other cars have come and gone but the Chevy has stayed with me and has been rebuilt, restored and now (I apologize to some of you for this)... hot rodded a number of times and still remains my favorite car to this day. The whole family has thoroughly enjoyed driving and riding around in the car on various occasions and each has their own special memories, The car has been a part of daughters life since she was born and she considers it as part of the family. She tells me that I can never sell the "32".....She doesn't have to worry about that happening.

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