Wayne R 1931 Ford Pickup

History of the "Green Hornet"

My father purchased this truck in Los Angeles, California in 1950 off someones front lawn for $25.00

Dad invested another $25.00 in parts (4:11 gear ration; 4 speed transmission; 16" Casey Haze" wheels in order to make it more durable for use at our family cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Calif.

In 1951 Dad drove this truck 300 miles to our log cabin in the Sierra Mts. north of Bishop, Ca. He used the Model A for 20 years as a utility truck. The cabin sits at an altitude of 10,000 feet where the snow measures 20 feet deep in the winter. This truck was outdoors, buried every year in snow but yet started every year in the spring with fail.

In 1971, I moved the truck to a LA warehouse for 13 year it sat unattended

On October 20, 1984, I shipped the truck back to Cleveland, Ohio for restoration to begin.

On November 24, 1984, this truck was destroyed by a drunk driver in the middle of the night. A drunk woman crashed through my detached garage at 20 miles per hour pushing the truck through the back wall. Insurance settlement was $8000.00

I took the $8000 and had a professional restorer tear it down to every nut and bolt and begin rebuilding it. This journey lasted almost 15 years. (money issues, raising a family, etc, etc)

2003, the "Green Hornet" finally hit the road and was driven to many local Cleveland car shows where it won several awards. ("Green Hornet" got named by us kids back in the old cabin days because it was a machine that never stopped doing what you asked of it)

2014 - The "Green Hornet" lives and in Las Vegas. Fully restored, ground up and worth every dime I spent on this journey!!!!

* (full detailed photos available of the truck at the cabin, the wreck and restoration)

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