Robert P. B 1929 Gazelle


While at a car show I decided to look at other show cars and upon returning to my car I noticed a family of four looking at my 1929 Gazelle. My girlfriend was sitting on a lawn chair about 10 feet away from the car keeping a eye on it. As I came closer I saw a little 7 or 8 year old girl looking at the car with amazement . I said to the child -- Do You Like This Car -- and her mother replied -- O my daughter Just Loves This Car -- I said back to her --So do I -- I then said to her -- " Do you think your daughter would like to SIT in the car " and she and her husband said YES . As I put the child into the drivers seat I put the seat belt on her and let the child have fun -- holding the steering wheel and blow the ahooa horn -- she was having the time and memory of a lifetime when her father said to me " That's Real nice of you to let my daughter sit and try YOUR car, because alot of owners DON'T let people touch their cars " -- I then said to the father and wife --- " THIS AIN'T MY CAR ". tHE LOOK ON THEIR FACES WAS STUNNING the father then said -- GET HER OUT OF THERE -- GET HER OUT OF THERE -- I THEN SAID - ' IT'S OK --IT'T OK --IT'S MY CAR -- THEY THEN ASKED MY GIRLLFRIEND IF IT WAS INDEED MY CAR AND SHE SAID YES. I said to the wife that lhe look on her face was shocking . We all had a Good Laugh and a memory that will always be there at all the showings . I also guess the family will ask people if this is YOUR car .

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