Robert D

Funny girls!!

I took my 2 daughters to the mopar nationals when they were 3 & 5 yrs old. I was out driving up & down Brice Road in Columbus like to rest of the guys showing off their cars. My wife & kids were standing along the street watching. She was standing around several men watching the cars with the girls. When a flamer started popping in the street. My daughters stepped in front of all the men & said " where is that flammer I hear him!!!" The men standing around my wife looked at her with such surprise that my girls knew what a flamer was!! One guy said to my girls how do you know what that is? My youngest looked up at him and said "duh it shoots flames. We see them all the time with daddy!" Which made my wife proud that her little girl just made that man look silly!! My duaghters are 25 & 28 now & still like cars. They will still go to car shows with me. Working on another greneration with my grandkids now!!!

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