Doug B 1968 Dodge Coronet 500 2dr Hardtop Coupe

From the one that got away to the second times the charm.

It started two years ago in the fall, saw a ad on craigslist for a black dodge coronet in Wisconsin, i ended up looking at it twice and fell in love with it. Then fall turned into winter really quick so the owner said he would keep in shed till spring, I really wanted this coronet. We had a early spring that year and he had gotten a great offer for a trade from someone else and then it was gone.....I was sad. Very SAD. I was looking on craigslist again in the summer of last year and for the heck of it punched in coronet and a few popped up on the screen and then the black beauty showed up again and i was like there is no way I am letting this get away again. I contacted the new owner who lived a little farther away now in Wisconsin and went down looked it over and drove it and well I was ready to buy and yep it was the same car as before, this owner just did not have time to enjoy and drive it like it should. We set up a time and place to meet and I took the car home a few weeks later. This car is the beast and is fun to drive, it gets thumbs up wherever I go. Yes its been in the shop a few times but you have to realize the car is 45 years young. I am glad I had the second chance. This car rocks.

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