Robert S 1959 Ford Galaxie convertible with continental kit.


We were young teenagers in 1959 when friends from the big city arrived in our small town, driving this beautiful brand new long white convertible. We were all spellbound! At that time the cars we were used to were 1954 Buicks and 1951 Chevys. The lady who owned the car told us she would take us cruising down town in it with the top down. She was all of 4' 11" and as blonde as can be, a real cutie. So picture four teenagers hanging out of the convertible and sitting up on the back tonneau as we were whisked around the town. At one point we found ourselves on a slight grade with a gravel surface. So when the little blonde driver put her foot on the gas the rear tires spun creating a lot of dust and flying stones. A guy who was standing at the corner said, "Get a horse lady"! It was hilarious and will always be remembered.

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