Randal J 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88 2dr Holiday Coupe

Cruisin with candy

We were taking part in a annual car cruise that gives proceeds to local grade school organizations. My two grandsons, wife and I were driving along in the cruise while my grandsons were to be throwing candy out the rear windows at the spectators along the route. We were having a good time driving along the route, waving to people who were waving at us when I told the grandsons to be sure to throw the candy far enough so the people didn't have to enter the road to get the candy. After the majority of the cruise was over, I turned around to see how they were doing on candy supply when I noticed both grandson's had piles of candy wrapper's on the seat and evidence of them eating a lot of it still surrounding their mouths. My wife and I broke out laughing and realized that was what it's all about. Driving the old classic that I had memories of with my father, and now with my grandchildren. Good time was had by all.

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