KATERINA R Moscvitch 401 1955

Crazy in love russian driving

My husband met me In Russia, we met few times in my city before I came to Usa.

Here the story of one of our romantic meeting

It was second time when I meet my future husband, my car,1955 y made Moscvitch finally was restored to certain point and I decided to pick up my fiancee from airport(he flight from Usa )

I pick up my car from service, where i test drive and it was running good, so i never doubt that something can happen with it

First,my car is very tiny, soviet car industry never thought about comfort of passengers,so if u taller then 5`7 ,,,u touch the ceiling all the time...

my future husband brought huge luggage case...my car dont have trunk:)so it was pretty hard to squeeze these 2 cases on a back seat, Moscvitch have suicide doors,,,they open wide...but opening still so tiny...u just can dive in and dont move much:)

after placing his cases we start the journey to my house, it was about 25 miles from my house from airport. I feel so happy that fiancee come and drove my car pretty fast. i think i drove about 70 miles per hour,even it need to be about 30 in city:)its also heavy traffic in big russian cities all day long

I remember,fiancee asked me to slow down even:) i was on highway,crossing bridge when i noticed that steering wheel get very loose and if u turn car still go straight:)I was able to stopped on aside of the road, i stopped behind the bridge and here was the very memorable moment for me and future husband. He found out that steering wheel get disconnected:) I had some tools and bolts in car(russian cars require repair on daily basis,and especially such a old ones:)

i was impressed how fiancee easily was able to fix this problem.he connect something and i was able to use steering wheel a lil bit.....i didnt drive so fast after it and we safely arrived home

I back to service next day...but it is no guarantee on services, and for older cars:)so steering will was reattached

its happen in 2008,we get married in 2009,and I live in Michigan,Detroit metro area. Lat summer I finally brought my soviet car to states. we took part in Woodward cruise and few local cruises

My hubby cant forget how i drove this tiny car so fast and steering wheel was disconnected:) he tell to his friends that russians are crazy drivers

Katerina Rekowski

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