John F 1963 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Convertible


It was an early evening in June, 1963. My girlfriend (later my wife) had just graduated from Bellefonte High School in PA., a few nights before. Tonight however, I was in my shiny new car, a 1963 white with red, Chevy, Impala, Super Sport convertible. It had a 327 cu in, 300 hp, 4 on the floor and it moved!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my way to Bellefonte to pick her up so we could go on our date for the night. What could be better? My girl and my new car!

Not only was this a great car but the most unique thing about it was that I had installed a record player right underneath the dash in front of the console. It played twelve 45rpm records, UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!

It was so much fun for us to drive downtown and cruise the two main blocks until the early morning hours. Kids came from every town within a hundred mile radius. Hundreds of them, all showing off their new rides. As we cruised and the music played, cars would pull up beside and ask what station we had on the radio. I was proud to say it was my record player. Then we'd have to pull into the parking lot to show it to everyone, over and over again.

What fun we had making those sweet, innocent memories while the music played on and the era took it's place in history. I'm still married to that girl 50 years later and I still have the car today.

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