Walt H 1954 Dodge Meadowbrook 4dr Sedan

Brushed Off by Mom

I was ten years old and living in San Diego. My Dad was an electrician in the Navy and was always working on our cars keeping them in tip top shape. I did what I could in helping him but at the time and my age tool hand offs were the best i could do and I was pretty good at it. Anyway, I liked to sit in the drivers seat by myself and pretend driving. By flipping the turning signal rod and turning the steering wheel in that same direction I discovered that by turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction it returned the turning signal rod to the neutral position. Well, I was so amazed with this discovery I thought I had just invented fire. I ran inside the house to tell my Dad and the only one around was my Mom. When I was through telling her of my great discovery; she replied. That's great son now go outside and play. And she went on back to doing something in the kitchen sink. I thought I would win a surprise or something for my great discovery that no one on earth knew about. Well, I went outside and back to something and that was that! When I turned 16 my Dad gave me the dodge (dad bought it brand new in 54') and I kept it till I was 31 then passed it on to my older brother.

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