Darrell D 1969 Plymouth Satellite 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Bird vs. SS Monte

It was a Friday evening, I just got paid and we had a wedding reception to go to that night,(party). Me and my buddy were on our way home on a warm sunny day and traffic was light. Well it just so happened we got caught at the light and right next to us in the right lane, a SS Monte Carlo that was feeling his oats. My first thought was don't do it because we had a big evening planned and I didn't want to take a chance of going to jail. The light turned green and I took off a little hard but by no means was I racing until I realized how hard the driver of the SS took off and instantly I thought if he thinks I was racing then he thinks he is winning, not on my watch. I stomped that mother to the floor and away we went, took about 3 seconds to catch and pass the other car and all he saw was taillights from that point on and I didn't let up until the speedo was bouncing off the 120 spot. Well then up ahead to the left what do I see, a State Trooper pointing a little contraption out his window at me. He pulled out and got up on me quick and then the Monte passed us both so he went out and around and got him to so I stayed on the shoulder and pulled in behind them both with fear in my mind. The Trooper yelled get out of the cars your both going to jail, damn it I thought how could I of let him draw me in like he did. We got to talking about the car and what was under the hood and thank the Lord the officer used to have one like it but it was a different color. He said he clocked me at 130 mph. and that he should take me to jail but if I was honest and would tell him why and what I was thinking to do such a dumb thing he might let me go with a warning. I looked him dead in the eyes and said, when you had your bird would you of let that Chevy think he could beat that Mopar, I think not. I got a warning and did make it to the party that night. That was 29 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. By the way, the few seconds that the Monte was ahead of me the personalized plates stated SS 350,BUT IT WASN'T ENOUGH!

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