Joe V 1932 Pierce-Arrow Model 54 4dr Sedan

Ann's Birthday (this time with picture, I hope)

Although I love to go to car shows, I don’t enter my own antique cars, even though I’ve been asked many times. I don’t keep my cars original down to the last nut and bolt. But what I do love to do is drive them around town, and to lunch, and to car club activities.

When a friend, who also has the car gene, told me that he would like a ride in my 1932 Pierce-Arrow, I planned a Sunday drive to chauffeur him and my girl friend to lunch. But by chance, the date we set turned out to be his mother Ann’s 91st birthday (which of course, being a guy, he hadn’t realized when we set the date).

So we changed plans. I dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform and parked the Pierce-Arrow curbside just outside the church his mother attended. After the service, when Ann exited the church, we surprised her by chauffeuring her to a pre-planned family get together to celebrate her birthday.

Ann and the Pierce-Arrow had a big time synergistic relationship. At the church, with the door open, Ann sat in the back seat like a queen on her thrown as church goers circled and ogled the car and then queued up to wish “queen” Ann a happy birthday.

Seeing the car in a real life and celebratory situation rather than in a museum or car show made things very special for both Ann and me. This is why I had bought the car. Not for a look-at-me toy. Not for an art object (although it is one) to sit idle on display. But rather to be a thrill to drive and to be an active and appreciated part of special occasions.

Unfortunately, my full time chauffeur job prevented me from getting a picture of Ann in the back seat. But I did get a shot of Ann and her son crossing the street to enter the restaurant.

I’ve owned my Pierce-Arrow for over six years, but this memory, which happened on June 29 of this year, has been my best.

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    Craig Calif July 12, 2014 at 21:50
    A great story about good friends and a fine automobile. Pierce Arrows are meant to be driven and sharing them with family, friends and other enthusiasts is what the hobby is all about.
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    Dixie Thomas Houston, Texas July 13, 2014 at 10:23
    What a fun way to celebrate one's 91st birthday!
  • 3
    Gerald Houston July 15, 2014 at 18:08
    A fine ride it was. Thanks.
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    Bob Sands Buffalo, N.Y. July 16, 2014 at 16:19
    Wonderful story! I'm glad the Pierce is being put to good use for others to see, enjoy and even on "SPECIAL OCCASIONS"--like 91st birthdays- taken for a special ride. Bob

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