Sherman B

A Picturesque New England Village, seen from a convertible

It was a perfect June evening, and musicians were tuning up in the bandstand.

We had just driven into the park in my first car, a pretty 1946 Buick Convertible.

It was a picturesque Cape Cod Village, with a wonderful park in the middle.

My date for the evening was as magnificent as the village green and the car.

She was a tiny Irish beauty, with an excellent figure and flowing red hair.

The Buick was painted in Forest Green, with a pale yellow leather interior.

The front seats, the convertible top and the windows were all hydraulically operated.

The in-dash radio had the correct letters on the pushbuttons: B U I C K.

The entire event was spontaneous. We had heard about the concert on the green and we

were curious. So we found our way down the road from our homes in Boston.

Chinese paper lanterns were hung throughout the park, The landscape was lush.

We parked at the side entrance and walked into a scene out of a storybook.

After finding comfortable seats we enjoyed a wonderful evening of pops and marches.

My father and I had recently located my first car, and it has been a fond memory.

I remember the girl, I barely recall the music, but the car is etched in my mind.

The Super Buick Convertible was truly super: smooth, comfortable and reliable.

If only I could find that car and buy it again! I have a different girl now.

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    don CT, USA July 12, 2014 at 16:48
    Gotta love Chatham!

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