Bill C 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sedan

1957 Heaven

Ever since I was a little boy, born in 1954, I saw 1957 Chevrolets cruising up and down the street in Ohio where I lived. I would sit on the front porch and dream of owning such a beauty! Then when I turned 18 I joined the United States Air Force and traveled the world and never really had a chance to fulfill my dream because we moved every couple of years and there was no way I could transport such a beauty with me all over the world. But I never stopped looking at those beautiful 57's every chance I got. After serving 33 years in the Air Force and then starting a new career, my dream has finally come true thanks to my gorgeous wife Michele. As you see in the photo my 57' Heaven is a beautiful car - my birthday present for my 60th birthday - thank you honey! You've made all my dreams come true! She even helped me wax our 57' heaven last night - what a beauty (the car too!). What an honor to finally own a 57' on the 57th anniversary of the 57 Chevy!

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    Michele Cleckner Florida July 12, 2014 at 07:33
    She is a beautiful car - you're welcome honey1

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