Donald M 1929 Ford A model

the prettist car I have every owned

I have loved the 29 a model for a long time. I've had corvettes and nothing compares with the 29 A model.

Around February of 2004 my business was doing good. I raised 2 boys and they have married and moved out. At 54 years old I decided now was the time to try and find a 29 that had been started as a street rod. After finding one in Knoxville, Tennessee I went up there with a fiend and a pocket full of money. I bought it and brought it back to Greer, SC. After 4 months it was road ready so I bought tags and that changed my life.

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    donald morrow greer, sc July 11, 2014 at 11:21
    the prettist car I have ever owned

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