LES T 1971 Chevrolet Nova 2dr Coupe

the need for speed

through out the years I have had many cars that were fast, but after a while they seem to get tame or I just get used to what I have… Have won and lost my share of races as anyone has, but the Trainor name has always been well known and respected in the area for having some of the fastest cars over the years.. My latest is this 71 Nova, which I have at times been called "SICK" for having it on the street, is one that won't be beat and have no intentions of street racing it.. I do have the time slips the on what this car is capable of in the quarter mile,, if someone comes up with a better E.T.,, then I will gladly say yours is faster,, but that day has yet to come,,at least around here,, lets just say NHRA says yes a parachute is required… The motor is a 540 Merlin blower motor, tweaked to 900+ HP,, 850 street tuned for pump gas at 15 lbs boost.. It is incredible the power this car has and still scares me when I punch the gas.. with the right slicks this car "WILL" run mid 8s.. My need for speed is now satisfied or maybe I am getting old….

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