hank c 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2dr Convertible

the christmas prade

It was in 2013 and i was looking for a special car. I found it in a town about 350 miles from my home. I went and tested the car and new it was the one i needed . I brought it home and is was just weeks before our annual christmas prade in our home town.

I went and bought throws for the prade and loaded up in the 66 convertable galaxie 500 and away my grand kids and myself went. They was with me with the top down and they were able to see people the had not seen in some time. The prade lasted anout one and one half hours and to the grandchildren it was one of the best hour and a half i can remember with them. They

still talk about it and i think it will be our tradition each year and may even find other prades in our area.

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