niel w 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

sweet 16 dream

My family has all ways had classic cars since before my wife and I were married. My wifes first car was a 66 mustang we restored together. While our daughter was growing up she all ways loved cruising around in our different classic cars we had restored. She eventually decided her favorite car was a 1965 mustang. When she was 14 we started looking, and found a very solid 1965 coupe with a v8 and automatic trans. She helped tear it clear down for a restoration. We worked on it together for about 18 months. The suspension got upgraded as did the motor and interior. She picked out her own colors and accents. We missed her 16th birthday by about a month, But it was worth the end result. She loves her classic car and drives it with pride. Recently she even won an award at the mustang show. Her dedication and spirit sparked an interest in classic cars with her brother who now is working on one. It is a great family hobie. We love it . And wouldn't have it any other way. Niel W.

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