jeff k

road trip from hell

1971, traded my 59 Alfa spider for cash and a 56 MGA. Decided to take a little drive from Cincinnati to Louisville on a nice fall day to show a friend where I was a D.I. before I went Nam, Top down, and we started to smell something burning. Pulled over, opened the hood, then looked under the car and saw the floor board smoking. wrapped the pipe in aluminum foil and head off. Started to rain, we put up the top and put the side curtains in. Off we went again, got up to speed and the side curtains were pulling out at the top. Stop and take them out, back to speed and the bow for the top was made of wood and started to bow up and the rain soaked us. Stopped, put down the top and hugged the steering and passenger close to windshield and we both stayed a little drier. Got home traded the MGA and more money to get back my wonderful Afla 1300 Veloce spider with a good top and roll up windows. You have to have a sense of humor to own a MGA.

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