ART W 1955 Willys amphibious Jeep


AND A 389! The Glory days of the GTO encompassed an era of power, acceleration, jubilation but most importantly a life that was not polluted with the rhetoric spewed by corrupt politicians committed to ruin our Country. Yes, we drag raced, partied at the drive-in, spit shined our cars but most of all, we had freedoms that perpetuated innocence. Gasoline was 27 cents a gallon, ice cream pops at .25 and the drive-in movie at $1.25. I still dream of those days and thank G-D that I was fortunate enough to have experienced an unforgettable era. If we could only bring back the GTO, Olds 442, Cobra, Chevelle SS396 and most of all the feeling of freedom with Liberty and Justice for al which I sorely miss.

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