Cory R 1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2dr Coupe

"Im in pursuit of a Black TRANS AM"

Well lets just say this car and I have stories that can only be told in person.

On over 17 occasions.

My dad built it and didnt do a lick of aesthetic work to it. You can see how it was in the blue version picture.

MY dad bought it for $600 engineless, I bought it off my dad enginless for $600

I will never forget being scared with him driving, he would powershift this 350 high compression 4 speed trans am to the point where we took down a rich old guy in a 2002 red corvette. It helped our trans am had 2.43:1 posi rear gears.

This car has driven in excess of 167MPH on Montana roads and I have the ticket on my record to prove it.

It is a highway beast.

I built it to be a nasty 383 stroker ceramic kevlar clutched 4 speed car in college, drove it 2 Montana winters that about sideways and never going uphill.

Now days it has a 454 turbo 400 and its boring to drive and doesnt handle nearly as well as it did with a small block-does burnouts and powerslides with ease though

i have future plans to swap in a nasty 383 vortec with built 700r4 trans. I think im going to need air dam and spoiler to keep it on the ground...and new tires the ones on it since 2009 have since started to stress crack from high speed.

ps 110mph rated tires are alot tougher than youd think

its just my flat black primer trans am and i really dont envy the cops whov had to radio in that they were "in pursuit of a Black TRANS AM" over the years!!! Hahahahah

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