James S

"Center of Attention"

I am 9 years old and my mom had picked up from school. We lived just down the street so we were walking. On our walk back my mom had begun to tell me that dad was home early from work and he had a treat for me. I was super excited thinking he bought me junk food or a new ninja turtles toy! I get in house and drop my bag at the front door an start running around the house to fun my dad but did not see him anywhere. My mom let me run around for a while until she wasn't laughing anymore and yells out " your father is in the garage" so I be lined to the garage where he is standing there stairing at a car that is covered with grey fabric. I remember not even noticing the car and asking if he got me a Michelangelo ninja turtle! His response was "what!? NO, I got us a new car!" And he removed the cover and I was stunned. To young to really understand the true value of the car, I thought it was just cool that is was a car and a pick up lol he said " this is OUR car, your name is on the liscense plate and it's something you and I can do together on weekends. Every weekend since dad and I would wash the car and take it out for a spin. My favorite is when it would shift gears an lay rubber. As I got older I understood the value of the car not because it was a classi car, but it was something dad and I had. Growing up the garage turned into the hang out spot. My friends would come over and we would hang out in garage with dad while he would drink a beer and my friends and I would drink our pop or eat our freezies, if I was lucky he would share a beer with me. The car wasn't just something my dad and I had together, it was something, a reason to get together with our friends every weekend and stand around the car and be "guys" when I turned 26 my dad gave me a birthday card, in that card it said "I'm so proud to be your father" and in the car was the owner ship. The El Camino is now in my garage, every weekend the same friends from when I was little and my dad come over. We listen to tunes and BBQ and drink beer and hang out by the Car. It's not just a classic car for me, but memories of the people who care about me and who I care about. With all our busy life styles and some of us starting families, the el camino has brought a new tradition that I can share with my friends and now my son. I have changed the lisence plate to say my dads name, which is also my little boys name. $50 gas card or not. This is another way to thank my dad for what he did and what it has started, something I can take with me for my family and hopefully continue the tradition with my boy. If you read all I this and you are a dad that did the same thing, let me say thank you to you because for me, what my dad did and the meanings behind it all are something I could never forget.

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