don d 1951 Ford F-1 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

old mans toy

something to do, bought a 1951 ford pickup truck at astubula, ohio, it did not run. engine was seize. I pulled distributor and used a electric drill to run oil thru engine everyday for 2 weeks. finally it turned about 1/8 turn, kept working and next week got it to turn over. I managed to get it started but number 8 cylinder exhust valve stuck brainstorm to try and free it by putting torch in exhust port. wrong answer as it only manageto destroy valve.non the less I had to remove head and replace engine running andhave drove truck to many cruises over the last 4 years. some people like it, others don't, but I enjoy it. I continue to make inprovements . truly enjoy it when people give the thums up.

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